UD hosted under IIS, endpoint not starting up or "crash"?

Hey all,

Anyone else have issue with endpoints not comming up?
this is not happening all the time.

I would suggest using Enable-UDLogging and seeing what that says, might give you some more information on the problem.

I can see some VERY slow responses (longest 220 secods), but no errors.

okey, maybe I am onto something, I have 14 endpoints, and most of them are pending another endpoint to finish.
I then see this in the log:
09:51:01 [Debug] Quartz.Simpl.TaskSchedulingThreadPool TaskSchedulingThreadPool configured with max concurrency of 10 and TaskScheduler ThreadPoolTaskScheduler.

So lets say that I have 10 endpoints waiting for the same single endpoint, but it never fires ?
I guess this is possible?
@adamdriscoll ?

Sure seems like it. I haven’t heard of this before but it could be the case. Seems like the Quartz threadpool is all used up. I could increase the thread pool but it seems like you probably have one or more endpoints that are stuck.

Please open an issue on GitHub for this because I want to investigate it.


@adam Can I do anything on this?
10 threads are a real show stopper for me :slight_smile: