UDMap click handler


I had a look on the UDMap component and wondered if there is a way to have a OnClick event in order to (e.g.) add a UDMapMarker on the clicked position (get longitude and latitude by the $EventData).
Is there a way to implement that?

sounds like an idea for an enhancement request on the GitHub

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seems so but wanted to hear that I havent missed any documentation :wink: :smiley:

Currently not supported but would be a good feature! Please file an issue.

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I will … Maybe its also possible to move marker by drag and drop … That would be awesome too :smiley:

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Afaik it uses react-leaflet which supports draggable markers.

It seems easy to add the support however it would require source if @adamdriscoll is willing to share. I’ve not found it in the source code at least. So I assume like other enterprise features its not available in the community edition.

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Would be great to have this feature :+1:

This is the right issue for drag and drop