Adding Materialize functionality not yet implemented in UD

I’m moving this issue to these forums from as it’s better suited here.

Looking through the repo it looks as though you’ve implemented some things in to UD that require initialization like the collapsible, select, or modals to name a few. Could tabs not be implemented in a similar way? Does it require a new React component?

I apologize in advance for my ignorance and lack of proper terminology but I’ve only just barely scratched the surface of web development.

So @adam could you use your hack udjsloader to use materialize parallax ? Or does anyone out there have an example of adding materialize parallax to their dashboard? ?Sorry @camusicjunkie to jump in on your post but see it’s getting a bit stale was looking for the same thing so though would ask it on this post. ~Thanks

I added some functionality to New-UDElement to support this scenario without having to do all that crazy custom JS jazz.

I added an -OnMount parameter to New-UDElement that will allow you to do this kinda stuff.