Bring the Bling with Parallax effect on images

Ever since I been using UD and trying to absorb the building blocks it was built on I saw this on the materialize website:- and was like wow I want that on my dashboard. So after many months of using UD still not seen this component being implemented into UD builds or any-one else showing this off, or even mentioning it…? So as I still thought it was super cool I managed to build this. This is my most advanced UD component yet and really does make the images look awesome on your dashboard. I have gone the “extra mile” and even typed up a readme located on my github site and the marketplace:-
Honestly I really think this brings the bling to any dashboard, the place where I found this was:-
I tried to make this as dynamic as possible giving you more options than what the original author of this has. Anyways this has been fun to do and another learning curve to learn. Hopefully will see people posting show offs of their dashboards using this new UD component. Nuff said. Crappy quality gif not doing this justed shown below for demonstration purposes


Wow! You’re right, it is a crappy gif :wink:

Lookin’ good bro!
Will give this one a go on monday :slight_smile:

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Can you make a higher quality gif to go here?

@PorreKaj what images would you like to see and I will make you a special Sunday dashboard with those images…the coding didn’t keep it’s format on the README but I did post a simple example of using this on there, so get downloading your copy today :grinning:

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Thanks man :sunglasses: I think it turned out as my first really useful dashboard component that I could actually see people using…it does also look really nice, I was quite suprised I managed to pull this off, and have a few more options than what the original react component I based this from. I know this is making the dashboard a bit more webpage based, but the end-users always want something nice to look at and this gives them that with the parallax effect.

Just do one with your favorite beers!

No such thing as too “webpage based”, this allows us to create a UD Powered neatlookin non-dashboardy UniversalDashboard. Remove the side menu and you’ve got yourself a decent looking homepage.

Might give “UD-CMS” (title is WIP) a go, i’ve always fancied making my own CMS.

Keep the beautiful controls flowin’ my man!

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We should rename it to Universal Website or something!


Hey @PorreKaj not much of a drinker myself, but as requested here is a norwhal beer themed parallax dashboard. I used the blur effect on the woman slumped over the bench incase it is anyones girlfriend or wife, I do not want her identity revealed. :grinning:

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Maybe this could be a nice component to use on poshud, if you spent sometime on the image and the -strength parameter you could create some really nice effects for your logo or of other components…

Hahaha thank you, very nice.