New-UDImageFX adding effects to your images

Hopefully will see other members smashing out crazy components soon :grin:
I found this component here:-
So thought this would look really cool in Universal Dashboard. What better image to test this with…yes the awesome UD Logo:-

Then I seeked permission for the naming convention New-UDImageFX and @adam gave the go-ahead. So uploaded to the powershell gallery here:-
I hope you like this and use it in one of your dashboards. Please note, I tried to add height and width parameters and it didn’t work :frowning: also tried to be clever with the Duration parameter but failed again so the DURATION parameter needs an “s” after the number…so like 4s is a 4 second duration. I did add the example to the gif I did here:-
Hopefully adds that bit of bling you were looking for :smiley: