Get Current xy positions for New-UDiagramNode

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a draggable “icon map” to show live health states against a static .png file background.

Most things seem to work, but I’m unable to get the current positions of UDDiagramNodes after they have been created and dragged to the appropriate positions.

Does anyone know of a “generic” way to interrogate a client-side component after its been changed? (Maybe via a custom api service call?).
As with other certain components I’ve run into, Get-Udelement does not let me get the state of the controls (diagram or nodes) when called.

Any help would be much appreciated!

for get-udelement to work you need to bind the custom control to universal dashboard, which I find super tricky, and only done myself once…so have you done that with your component? Then if you have and the component contains an x / y axis then you could call that via get-udelement if it was running in an endpoint with refresh intervals…I believe Im correct in what I just typed…

With this control, I might need to implement this functionality but it’s possible. It’s a closed source control so I think I would have to update it myself to support Get-UDElement.

@riddlertom please open an issue on GitHub.

I didn’t see an “issues” tab in the ud-diagrams repo, so I added the issue under the enterprise repo here

Let me know if I need to remake this somewhere else.

Thanks for the help!