Help with Line Chart

I’m working on the following line chart:

This chart plots data about tasks assigned to a group with the x axis being the task name, and the y axis being the duration of the task in hours. I’d like to make two changes to this that I’m not sure how to do.

  1. I’d like to change the x axis to represent the date of the task. I can do this but then the hover tooltip also reflects the date instead of the task name. I’d like separate the labels on the tooltip and the axis so that I can display two different data properties.

  2. I’d like to have some interactivity so that if one of the data points is clicked I can launch a URL in another tab. It looks like the line charts do not support this kind of interactivity and there is no data that I can access in the -OnClick scriptblock.

I took a look at Nivo charts as well, but the line charts only seem to support x and y property values so I can’t include additional data such as a URL.

Does anyone know how to achieve what I’m going for using the line chart, or is there another component I should be using to represent this data with interactivity? Thanks!


This can help you with the 2. Problem

I haven’t done any style customization, so cant help you with your 1. Problem

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@augustin.ziegler Thanks that did help! I had a pretty complex set of data and I was a bit confused about how it was represented! I think I have that part now.

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sounds good :slight_smile: one problem solved out of many I guess