New-UDNivoChart -line \\ No graph appears

Trying out UD for the first time, attempting to make a New-UDNivoChart -line with 4 lines. But no matter how I feed it data, all I ever get is 1 dot and 1 line, no graph.

I cant use powershell universal in my org, so this is a standalone "Install-Module -Name UniversalDashboard " set up. So my question is, do I need the full powershell universal for this to work correctly? Or do I keep looking at the code to solve the problem.

Welcome @Talcon to the UD forums. As far as I understand the NIVO charts is with the paid-for version of Universal Dashboard as you didn’t specify if you using community or the professional edition? If you are using a paid for edition then this should work, if you can post some code then can possibly show you why it is looking why it is…Thanks
I know this does not directly solve you issue, but as always in life there is more than one way to do something…I did this component:- which does produce a line chart from the data that you get the end user to dynamically feed. I did do an animated line chart but it didn’t work in IE so didn’t release it.

Thank you so much for getting back to me, you have given me a direction to head in.

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