UDChart vs. UDChartJS

What is the difference between UDChart and UDChartJS?

I’ve just started playing with UD (community edition) and I’m trying to create a stacked bar chart. I found a reference here using UDChart, but so far I haven’t gotten that to work in the current release of UD.

Welcome @HappyException to the UD Forums I just added the Google Barchart to the blog page I got on the google chart components I released:-

But if you looking for a simple stacked barchart, this is dead-simple to use, example and code all in the blog. You can download this and other add-on components for UD on the marketplace:-

Thank you, sir. I’ll be looking into that.

For some reason my browser just spins when I try to browse the marketplace from UD Admin. It would be nice to have a marketplace search function.