Introduction of myself

Hello, everyone. I wanted to introduce myself as a “newbie” for a second.
Male, based in Frankfurt - Germany and working as Forensics Engineer and Data Breach Analyst. I came across UD purely by chance and am trying to slowly work my way into the topic. Here and there I take one step ahead of the other, even if I knowingly do so, but it has turned out that I understand interrelationships better, so please humorously skip stupid questions, because you only from the resulting clever answers. Not every head ticks the same.

I am happy to be here and hope for your support, which does not mean that I will be delivered a finished script, but I would be grateful for one or the other hint, just being push in that right direction… Greetings Maurice


Hi @mcmaguire!

Welcome to the UD forums!
If you check peoples profiles, you’ll realize we all had “stupid” questions in the start.

Looking forward to your questions my man :slight_smile:

Hey @mcmaguire and welcome to the forums, I wrote some blogs cover UD here:- this might help you out :grinning: I need to update it, but literally anything is possible with UD, I need to write some more blogs to prove it :crazy_face:

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Hi Adam, thank you very much…

I am playing around an made the first success with it :slight_smile:
Trying to catch datas from an API Query and show it with your UDIndicator…

wasn’t easy to find out how to swap the data as needed but finished…as you can see here…



Awesome work @mcmaguire it’s always nice to see other people using some components I put out there. The UDGauge I did located here:-
seems pretty popular component, as has a little bit of animation, which I didn’t quite manage to implement into the UDIndicator. Well I got 45 components out there feel free to try them all :crazy_face:

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Hello Adam, maybe we could have a session where you could briefly explain the topic of JSX and the Google Charts…I’m interested in the 3D Pie Chart… unless you already have that thing in your bag of tricks, lol.
But in general I would be very interested in this, there are a lot of amazing Gauges, which would be very helpful for my area.

@mcmaguire was very lucky on the google charts to have the assistance of @augustin.ziegler who is a talented gentleman when it comes to powershell function skills. I’m looking at and think this could be pulled off…but previously looking to add components that didn’t exist already…but if a community member is asking…I got a component I am releasing on Wednesday along with my clever team-mate @BoSen29 we will be releasing two different versions of a very similar component…if time allows (with my 4 daughters to entertain in lockdown) I will get this component built…I might have to call upon some help but hopefully can pull this off from previous charts done. :crazy_face:

If you want to know how to build your own components…then watch the youtube Adam Driscoll the creator of UD did on youtube…I am no react expert…I watched the video numerous times to understand the concept. But once it clicked started building basic things from JSX files to what I am pushing out now…and with the help of fellow UD community users…there is a development section on this forum if you want to dive in and help extend the world of UD :crazy_face:

Hello Adam, family always comes first. My two are already out of the house and living their own lives, so I don’t have to focus on fun anymore. But yes, the lockdown doesn’t make it easier :slight_smile:
I like to wait for the release of your new development first.
This is all new territory for me and I’m already mega glad that the UDIndicator has been fixed, lol.
I also just found the video on your site. In the last 4 hours my question catalogue has grown exponentially anyway, so I’m sure I’ll get one or the other mail :slight_smile:
But like they say…age does not protect you from folly, grin. Stagnation is out of the question for me, so I just try to bring my aging brain back to shape. (Self-irony)

@mcmaguire exclusive preview coming to UD soon

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psDevUK Adam, you made my day…hahahaha

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