UD not taking License

We have a UD site (one of many), that keeps showing the 'Universal Dashboard Enterprise cannot be used remotely when unlicensed"

We have the .LIC file in the NET472 folder. Am I missing something?

Hey @jmaurina sorry to hear you having this issue. Just to confirm how are you running UD? Like through IIS or as a service?
I’ve seen in various posts clearing browser cache can fix weird issues. UD is licensed per dashboard

We are using it through IIS and I have the license file in the correct folder.

I haven’t tried clearing the browser cache.

Hmm :thinking: weird I use IIS and place it in the net472 folder and everything just works…what version of UD does this happen with? Have you tried a different UD version?

Make sure you put the license.lic file in the net472 folder of the UD PowerShell module not just in a net472 folder in the IIS website.

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Hi Adam,

could you please advice if I picked the right folder?

Looking forward to read your feedback.



Short Answer:

Copy your license.lic to your UniversalDashboard Module directory:

Long Version:

Actually, since version 2.8.3/2.9.0, you don’t need the UniversalDashboard module in your IIS website directory. But you should make sure that you import the UniversalDashboard module in your dashboard.ps1 or a file called from it.
You only need to install the module and put your license.lic in the module directory:

For Powershell 5.1 -> In the subfolder net472
User Install:
System Install:
C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

For Powershell Core (6.0 - 7.0) -> In the subfolder netstandard2.0
User Install:
System Install:
C:\Program Files\PowerShell\Modules
C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\Modules

The easiest way is to install the UniversalDashboard module with the user (-Scope CurrentUser) you also use as ApplicationPool Identity in IIS. Meaning: The user running the IIS website should also have access to the module directory where the UniversalDashboard module is installed.

Also take a look at the official documentation:

You can find the path were you have installed the UniversalDashboard module by running the following command Get-Module -ListAvailable UniversalDashboard | Select-Object ModuleBase

Since 2.9.0 you also need to use a “new” web.config file for IIS. This ensures that the UniversalDashboard.exe wrapper file is no longer used and you do not need a copy of the UniversalDashboard module inside your IIS website folder. Instead, IIS directly starts the powershell and your dashboard.ps1 file located in your IIS website folder.


This is the part for UD of my IIS web.config for one of my dashboards:

  • The Standard Output of the started IIS dashboard will be logged in the subfolder logs (Also all of my dashboard logfiles are logging to this subfolder)
  • The iis website uses the powershell 5.1 exe (full path) and will start the dashboard.ps1 file located in your iis website root folder
  • forwardWindowsAuthToken ist used for Pass-Through Authentication
<aspNetCore processPath="C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" arguments=".\dashboard.ps1" stdoutLogEnabled="true" stdoutLogFile=".\logs\\stdout" forwardWindowsAuthToken="true" />

I am also using SSL Offloading and HTTP to HTTPS redirection inside my web.config, this also works fine.


Hi @Mordecai,

I took the short version and it worked with charm. :smiley:
Many thanks for the additional information!

Which kind of SSL offloader are you using? F5, Kemp or an Azure Application Gateway?

Thanks again.


Usually I use the application gateway from A10 (Thunder).
The different dashboards currently use an IIS with configured HTTPs binding (including certificate) + an HTTP to HTTPS redirection in the web.config. UniversalDashboard/Kestrel behind it is of course also accessed via SSL (with HTTPS including certificate).
If I need failover for one of the dashboards, the A10 is placed in front of it and the SSL offloading is shifted to the A10.


thank you for sharing. - Again learned some new software never heard before :slight_smile:

Warm regards