Updating the UD Module with a Dashboard running under IIS

Is there a documented procedure for updating a “live” dashboard to use a new version of UD? I’d like to keep downtime to a minimum. Also, does it make sense to create a “Staging/Test” Dashboard (preferably on the same server bound to a separate port) to test the new UD module before rolling into the main dashboard? Or would this require yet another IIS server? Thoughts?

Hey @Jim I normally risk it for a biscuit…In my folder that I am hosting, I created a folder called OLD…then STOP the site, move all my files/folders into OLD then move the latest UD module into that folder…making sure you plonk your lic file back into the net472 folder…then I COPY my pages/images/endpoints from the old folder back into the main folder, START the site again, and boom running the latest version…I have always upgraded this way…any problems…I STOP the site…delete all folders apart from OLD, then move everything out of OLD back into main folder…I’m no IIS admin but been running UD since I think 1.70 and always used this approach…If I have had problems I got everything in the OLD folder to move/copy back.

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Thanks for the tips @psDevUK . I am going to give this a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Like I mention I am no IIS admin, but use this backup approach in a lot of things I do, then if anyhting does go wrong you got all the original files in the OLD (or whatever you call it) folder. I just hope that makes sense what I typed…but honestly down time should only be a few minutes max using this approach. Depending what version you are going from, I gues the theme is the thing that has changed the most since old versions…and obviously all the bug fixes, and new cmdlets…


im getting a 502.5 error after updating from 2.5.3 to 2.9.0
i stopped the site
i created a folder in the root of the website folder
then i put all files from website folder into the newly created folder leaving only the dashboard.ps1 file in the root of the website
then I copied everything from the 2.9.0 folder into the website folder put the license file in the net472 folder
restarted the site but i quickly get a 502.5 error

when i deleted the files i copied from 2.9.0 and put back the files i put in the new folder and restarted the site it works just not after the update

any suggestions?