UD Enterprise nightly build


It seems that the current (and some later versions) are not including the files to download.

The .\install-nightly.ps1 -Enterprise command is also not working.

Can this happened because of the reconstruction of the Community and Enterprise version?

Is this an issue or do I use the wrong way to install the current nightly build?

I also realized that the UD Enterprise is having his own Community Version included.
If I install the nightly build, is the nightly build from the Community version also included?

# Modules to import as nested modules of the module specified in RootModule/ModuleToProcess
NestedModules = @('UniversalDashboard.Community\UniversalDashboard.Community.psd1', 

This is just a problem with the pipeline. We moved the UD Enterprise repository from my account to the ironman software account so I had redo the deployment pipeline. Something isn’t quite right. Will fix today.

The Enterprise module will include the nightly of Community. This is only happening until we get out of prerelease. Unfortunately, there is an issue with PowerShellGet that prevents you from include “RequiredModules” in your manifest that are prerelease.

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