Question about enterprise vs community

Not sure if this is the right place for this question but im trying to get some kind of authentication on my dashboard. Its one dashboard but it has 4 pages right now. Does windows auth work at all on the community edition or do you need enterprise?

You’ll need at least a Premium license for auth to work. You can try it out without a license for up to an hour before having to restart it. Premium and enterprise offer the same features while the enterprise license itself is for organizations looking to run 15 or more dashboards.

ok. thank you. Is running one dashboard with 4 pages still considered 1 dashboard or 4?

That’s just one dashboard. Any time you use Start-UDDashboard, you’re starting 1 dashboard.

If i can try it that would be great. i enabled windows auth in iis. I set the flag in the web.config to true ‘forwardWindowsAuthToken=“true”’

I added this to my code but the page wont come up. Does this ok?

Start-UDDashboard -Content {
    $Auth = New-UDAuthenticationMethod -Windows
    $LoginPage = New-UDLoginPage -AuthenticationMethod @($Auth) -PassThru

    New-UDDashboard -Title "test" -Pages @($Page1, $Page2, $Page3, $Page4) -LoginPage $LoginPage 
} -Wait -AllowHttpForLogin

I’m sorry i thought you meant you can use it for an hour on the community version . I think its because I don’t have the enterprise module. Can i just install the enterprise module after i purchase it or do i have to remove the community module first?

Universal dashboard community edition is free module you can use with no limitation but it does not have all the features that enterprise has like authentication.
You can use iis basic authentication with community free edition no problem.
Enterprise edition will only work for an hour if you download the module and use it without license like a trial. The one hour limitation will be removed when you purchase a license and activate the enterprise edition with it.

Can you just install version 2.9.0 or do you have to install 2.1.0 first? When I install 2.9.0 there is not server.exe and the website wont come up in IIS?

You can use powershell.exe instead of the server.exe. We removed it isn’t really necessary for IIS hosting. In your web.config just change the processPath to powershell.exe and the arguments to -File dashboard.ps1 (or whatever your dashboard path is). Make sure to import UD in your script.

I got it. Didnt realize i didnt need the module in the web directory either. I am all set. I bought the license and installed and its running in IIS now. Thank you guys. Now I have to get the windows auth to work.

You also don’t necessarily need the module in the web directory.
I originally had it this way, but I find separating it makes my web directly cleaner, but also allows a central location to update the module, which is useful particularly if you have multiple dashboards.

I’ve got mine setup in the following way:

  1. Added an additional $env:PSModulePath to point to my ‘Modules’ folder, which I put UD in and any associated modules it uses.
  2. Give relevant NTFS permissions to the AppPoolIdentity on this folder
  3. Place dashboard.ps1 and associated files into my IIS web root.
  4. Place web.config into the IIS web root, and make sure the following line has the correct parameters: