Dashboard login log


Any suggestions for setting up a log of who logs into a dashboard and how often

have a dashboard on iis still using community edition but im guessing i could get the enterprise edition enable login pages then create the log?

I personally use application insights, it’s not part of UD 2.9 or lower, but it still can be acheived
or, if you’re using universal 1.2 or up it’s been implemented and you just need to add your instrumentation key into the appsettings.json file.

If you cant use app insights or dont have it you could try putting some code that writes to sql every time someone authenticates - in your auth policies. (premium/enterprise edition required)
Alternativly you could run a scheduled endpoint and push all active users to a log file.
I actually display active users on one of my pages using this code:
[UniversalDashboard.Server]::Servers.DashboardService.EndpointService.SessionManager.Sessions.values | ? {$_.connections -ne 0} | select Username,LastTouched

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Excellent suggestions, just bought a license, dashboard is running 2.8.3 but ill set up authentication and try to get one of these options working. Thanks

I would 100% recommended you upgrade to 2.9.0 too it’s easy to just update the module and there’s lots of fixes and benefits :slight_smile: from memory I don’t think I had any major problems upgrading