UD behind citrix netscaler


I was wondering if there are any guides or if we can get support for setting up UD behind netscaler, recently purchased (5x Org perpetual) some licenses, built some awesome stuff already but having issues getting it behind a proper URL, which obviously is a must in enterprise.

Currently using kestrel but not against setting up in IIS if required but i couldnt really find any guides as how to do it properly, nor do i have much experience with it. Thanks in advance!


I’m curious what issues you are running into. We currently don’t have a good tutorial on this but I’d be happy to help get something documented

Well in principle i would like to do it without netscaler or a load balancer if possible, perhaps just using IIS. Not sure if its possible using kestrel. The issue we have is that when we create the bindings in netscaler, the page shows up but is white.

Found this somewhere, might try using nginx to reverse proxy the windows host (if possible, not sure).

Running Universal Dashboard with Ubuntu and Nginx (With HTTPS!) – PowerShell.org

Can you press F12 and see if there are console errors in your browser when the page is white?

I think the problem may be that the load balancer isn’t enabled for Web Sockets.