Running UD behind Akamai / Web Application Firewall

Hi All/Adam,

We are currently trying to get a working Dashboard running on 2.9 community to be put behind Akamai/WAF. We are facing some issues when doing this. We get a black/grey background and nothing more (color is probably from the theme we chose).

The persons supporting us in this setup raised a concern and are contacting Akamai for a possible solution.

The question posed by the team is:

It appears that application is using Server Sent Events(SSE) which is not supported by Akamai by default.
Websockets is failing even when I bypass Akamai. I will have a check with Akamai vendor if we can implement some custom solutions to enable Server Sent Events.

Any idea what we could do about this or any information we can share with that team contacting Akamai on how to handle this?

Steven Spierenburg

I’m unaware of SSEs and how we use them in UD. They could be a side effect of signalr that we use for communication between components. Web sockets are a requirement for UD to work. We are using ASP.NET Core 2.1 and Kestrel for UD so I would imagine that Akamai works with other products using that platform. It may require some sort of configuration of the Kestrel server to disable or configure the socket configuration.

Hi Adam,

Well, tbh I have no clue who is responsible for what action or what information I am lacking.

For now I need to disengage WAF in order to use the Dashboard.
Unfortunately, this is not sustainable and I will be forced to use WAF and then the Dashboard will be broken.

I was hoping someone already implemented WAF in combination with UD but alas, does not seem to be the case.

Thanks for the responses though!