Dashboards don't show when behind F5 load balancer

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.2
Windows Service behind failover cluster configuration for service.

I’m running into what may be a somewhat unique configuration bug, but I’m hoping maybe someone has some inclination to what the issue might be.

I’m working to setup ADFS SSO for my Universal server and I’m testing in a lab. We were able to get ADFS working just fine, but an extra step we have to implement for production is to put it behind an F5 load balancer and a different domain name, as part of security procedure for internal site access.

When the F5 is initially setup, and no changes made to the ADFS properties to reflect the new domain name, the admin console on the server and subsequent dashboards work without issue, it just redirects to the original domain name.

Ex: Go to psusite.f5domainname.local and it reroutes to the typical internal psusite.domain.local.

When we update our ADFS properties to reflect the new f5 url instead of the typical domain, the Admin console is the only thing which will load. If I attempt to go to any of the Universal Dashboard pages that are running, it just hits a blank page.

Any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Can you check the browser debugging console (F12) to see if there are any errors returned when the white page is displayed?

If you let it sit long enough, it will pop these two errors up, but it takes about 30secs.
Some more info; if the dashboard is off, the “Dashboard not running” page will show immediately.

This looks like the web sockets are failing to connect. Is there anything special you need to do with F5 to support web sockets?

Thanks for the callout Adam. My guy doing the F5 work took this and ran with it. Found the answer and got it configured right. He referenced this F5 article, should it be helpful to anyone else with this in the future.