Blank dashboard via Azure App Proxy

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.6.2

I’m running Universal on-prem, as a service, and hosted via a Azure App Proxy using OIDC. I find opening dashboards nearly always opens with a blank page but the admin dashboard is 100% reliable.

I’ve tried different settings under Application proxy to no avail. What has been other’s experiences with this configuration? Anything I’m missing?

Can you press F12 in your browser when it’s a blank page? It sounds like a JavaScript error. It could have something to do with web sockets.

I didn’t think to wait for it to populate the error. It usually sits at “Normalizing”, but I noticed this morning webSocket errors on pages I had left up. Same errors when I tried again and waited.

I don’t know enough about Azure App Proxies but based on the documentation this should work: Azure Active Directory Application Proxy frequently asked questions | Microsoft Docs

Based on your experience, it does not seem to be. It certainly is failing to connect the web socket. Web sockets are critical for dashboards to function properly. All event handling is done over web sockets.

Before I open an issue, I wanted to make sure I have the proper technology you are using. I noticed there is Azure App Gateway as well. Is that what you are using or are you using the Azure AD App Proxy?

Using Azure AD App Proxy, I suspected websockets initially as I did find articles it was not supported, but now is. Not sure if the limitations listed would be an issue.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll do some research.

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Make any headway on this? I’m presenting to management tomorrow and would love to confirm this heading toward resolution.

No but I can move this into our 2.9 March release. It’s not slated for the 2.8 release.

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I set this up this morning and have no issues with dashboards. Here are my App Proxy settings. I am running the nightly build for 2.9 so maybe something changed that got it working.

I just downloaded the latest 2.9 nightly build and it is still performing the same way. I have to hit refresh a few times before the page loads.

I’ll build out a few basic pages and see what I can narrow down.

My current settings are below. Same websocket errors as reported above.

Changing the Internal URL to the actual server host name didn’t matter.

The page/dashboard simply will not display anything when it errors. Sometimes I will need to refresh 7-10 times before it works. Sometimes it loads successfully a few times in a row and then stops.

The code is simply

New-UDDashboard -Title "Test Dashboard" -Content {
    New-UDButton -Id 'btnRequest' -Text 'ADD' -OnClick {Show-UDToast 'Test Message'}

@adam, hold off doing any troubleshooting unless you can reproduce it quickly. We currently have two servers as connectors and one is planned for an OS upgrade as well as connector upgrade this Friday evening. I’m thinking the older version of our connector may not support web sockets as that was added at a later point.

Ok. Will do. Let me know if upgrading helps. Being that this doesn’t happen all the time, it could be a timeout issue or something and we can investigate further if you still are experiencing it.

The upgrades didn’t help. I still get the occasional websocket errors and the resulting blank page.