Dashboards wont display from external

Hey y’all!

I’ve got a shiny new PSU instance that I’m very happy about. Problem: When our PSU is accessed externally, no dashboards will display. When we’re on premises, all the dashboards render fine. When external, you just get a blank page. We are, however, able to get to the admin console through external.

I’ve logged a ticket with PSU, but it feels a little awkward as the problem is (surely) my web tech ignorance, rather than any issue with their product.

We’re using the Kestrel service and OpenID Connect. Perhaps I’m missing a setting in my Azure app? Do I need to open any ports in our org’s firewall for WebSockets? (…might have just shown off my ignorance there…)

Anyway, I feel like this may well be something others have hit on in the past, or might be an easy mark for those with better web skills.

Any help appreciated,

Also to note: We can see ‘pages’ through external.