Tighter Controls

Didn’t want to make an issue of this just yet.

Sometimes I have the need to display more information on less space, a need that is even more relevant with the addition of the Electron app stuff.

The current state of padding and margins in UD is perfect for dashboards, and to create a modern feel. But if I, say, wanted to build a tool for my IT colleagues, then effective use of space becomes an need.

I’m bummed that I don’t personally have the skills to contribute to something like it; but having a separate packet on the marketplace like “UDThightControls” could be a real nice addition.

Can you give an example or use case for something like this? This just doesn’t quite provide enough information (in my opinion) to expand on.

One need in my project is display log data in a table format … Using Grid is not tight enough to read the log lines in a good way …

Is the issue here that the table isn’t wide enough? Or that things are just not formatted quite the way you like? You can impact grids and such with CSS if you want to get really specific.

This is just an example that in such a case the component is taking too much space.

I havent done any CSS as a workaround but this is just an example for the generell problem.

Have you considered using UDStyle to modify things to your liking? I’ve not done it with Grids (since they’re meant to be responsive) but it works elsewhere, and I’m sure it could help with the issues you’re facing.

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I will give it a try, thanks :slight_smile: