UniversalDashboard 2.9 right-justified

it is possible to display right-justified columns in the udgrid?

Hello @mycommand and a big warm welcome to the UD forums. I am pretty sure what you are asking would involve applying a custom theme to your dashboard, and using some CSS to align it as you want. Just to be clear on the exact problem you ok to post a picture and do some lines or something for how you want it displayed…as mentioned pretty sure some CSS would sort this for you but just post a picture so I am on the exact same wave length. Should be able to post you a proper answer then. Thanks

my Simple Dashboard…
Get-UDDashboard| Stop-UDDashboard

content dashboard, process max cpu

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title “Simple Dashboard” -Content {
New-UDGrid -Title “Sample Grid (max CPU“)” -Endpoint {
$nResult = Get-Process|Sort-Object cpu -Descending|Select-Object processname,id -First 8
} -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 5

start dashboard

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $Dashboard -Port 10099 -AutoReload

SimpleDash perfect

sorry picture to small… :slight_smile:

Photomontage, this is how the result should look