UDGridlayout and autoresizing

I like the customization, flexibility, and margins layout for the udgridlayout setup when you save a layout. However, I have a couple of sections on my grid that can be large depending on the data pulled. What i’ve noticed is that any other items under this longer grid item overlap, because the large item does not resize to push down the other elements. Is this a current shortfall of UDGridLayout, or is there a workaround.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Hey @dcherry88 I’m sure this will be a case of adding a margin-bottom or padding to the CSS for the grid-layout element, if you can post the code for the above used, I’ll inspect the element in the browser and then play about with the CSS to get the spacing correct.

I’m also curious about this. I have a grid element that can be anywhere from empty to ten items so the size changes significantly. It would be nice to have the element size match the grid size so the elements underneath the grid are able to display right after the grid instead of having empty space if the grid only has a few items.