The process cannot access the file 'database.db' because it is being used by another process

is anyone else getting this error trying to run UA?

The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users\matts\AppData\Local\UniversalAutomation\database.db’ because it is being used by another process.

I’ve been trying to get this working most of the day, upgraded to 1,1,0 which i think might be when this issue started.


i think i’ve got round this by renaming the UA folder and forcing it to start again.

ok, so i’ve definitely got an issue here.

after a number of runs, the error above appers in the ps output window, every run after fails with no output. if i close the ps process window, then try to create another one, it fails to open saying UA is already running.

Can you give me a feeling of how many jobs you are running at once? I’d also be curious as to how much output these jobs are producing.

We have had some problems with the database locking like this and are looking to update to the latest version of LiteDB in hopes that it resolves some of these issues but that’s not done yet.

ive currently got one job in there, running every minute.
its my own custom poswershell command from a module to swap priorities on an azure traffic manager profile. using the Az module.

reboot is the only way to fix this.

Interesting. I’m very surprised a single script is causing this. Is there any way you could share that script? If you don’t want to do so publicly, you can DM me. If you can’t share it at all, that’s fine. Also, are you using UA Desktop, the UA module or the UA MSI installer?

They are all the same UA core module but I’m just cuirous how you’re hosting it.

UA module. installed as admin in PS7
DM’d you the script.

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