Setup Powershell Universal to start home page when adding a dashboard instead of admin

I have been testing powershell universal in IIS and added a dashboard using v3 as frame work, the problem is base url works when i defined a name like /dashboard but if i use / ‘Root URL’ PSU breaks and the only way i found to get it to work again is by deleting program data files.

is there currently a way so when you launch the site in IIS to open the home page instead of admin forum. i would like to access the admin when opening for example but i would like the dashboard to open right away when using

to me using / in base url should work as per the docs but looks like a bug.

Thank you.

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Hey @wsl2001 - Thanks for testing out Universal.

Currently we are working on upgrading the form / setup experience for dashboards, you should definitely not get locked out due to a bad entry. We’ll prioritize that - thanks for reporting it!

As for opening a dashboard instead of the Universal admin page… that’s an interesting use case! Especially for those primarily using Universal to just host dashboard(s). I’ll chat with Adam about options for adding a “default”/“site default” checkbox or something like that…

Thanks for your respond to this matter, the reason why i ask about dashboard page is because when you host PU in IIS any time you launch the page you will get prompt to login but for end users you just want them to get to the dashboard right away without them having to pass that by /site.

This has been resolved and will be in version 1.1.1.

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