Specify Default Dashboard / Home / Landing Page / ReturnURL?

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Quick question for you… maybe someone already found a solution but I wasn’t able to find anything either on the docs, nor in the forum. I also googled thinking that it is something that can be specified in the appsettings.json but maybe I’m just not good enough in googling. :sweat_smile:

Does anybody know how to specify a default Dashboard when a user types the server address?
You know instead of needing to type https://mypsuserver/MySuperDashboard just allowing them to browse goto https://mypsuserver?

I know that you can specify the default page for the Admin Console and that’s fine too… but I’m talking from a userperspective… because if you don’t specify the dashboard page they will always land on /admin which obviously will result in an “Access Denied” page showing… not very nice… :wink:

Any help is really much appreciated!

Thanks to anyone in advance!

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Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.9

If you look below the title “Base URL” here:

You’ll see that you can just use / in the url parameter, to set that page/dashboard as the base url :slight_smile:

Hey djo
LOL… I knew this was going to be a bad one for me… :rofl:
As easy as that, he? :ok_hand::wink:
Thanks a lot!!
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