Session TimeOut that triggers a Logoff?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.1

Hey all
Simple question (hopefully :wink: ):
I’m aware of the various Session Time Out settings:

What I wasn’t able to configure though is a “real” Session TimeOut. I would like that when the session times out that the user is also logged-off from the dashboard and therefore redirected to the login page.

Is that somehow possible? Am I missing a particular setting for that?
We’re currently using the standard form based authentication with AD Groups behind. So no SSO yet…


This isn’t currently the user experience. It will just show that “Your session has expired” prompt. We can certainly enhance this though.

Thanks Adam!
Yeah that would be great I think… Surely from the security point of view. I’ll open a feature request for that.

Dear @adam
Any chances that this will make it into v3.0? :blush:
I think it should be possible to configure this for the sake of security…


Last year I also created a feature request for that. Here’s the link to it: