Scripts specified to run under pwsh 7.x error with Universal module error

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0

I have a simple script that just copies a csv from one server to my universal server. When the script setting is set to default (currently set to 5.1) it works. If I change that to 7.0 and run the script it gives this error

[error] The 'Out-PSUPipeline' command was found in the module 'Universal', but the module could not be loaded due to the following error: [Assembly with same name is already loaded]
For more information, run 'Import-Module Universal'.

switching back to default fixes the issue.

I added the import module at the beginning of the script and I am still getting this error on 7.x scripts.

We had the same issue in 3.8 and found we needed the Universal module version to be the same as the PSU Server. We were using Install-PSUServer and Update-PSUServer to upgrade and noted that we need to update Universal first going forward.

I use the MSI installer to install/upgrade the server. looks like I have two versions installed


Should I remove the 1.5.7 version?

Ok, the psgallery version is 4.0.1, so the version I have is crazy old. Seems like it’s not updating when I do the MSI updates?

I installed the module from the gallery on my dev box in both the 7.x and 5.1 environment and now have 4 versions listed

As well as having 4.0.1 installed in


according to the modules page under Platform

Restarted the universal service and I still get the error message when running 7.x scripts

I’d recommend getting rid of the 1.5.7 and 2.10.2 versions.

It’s a bit weird that you have 2.10.2 in the Program Files folder. Is there another folder in there or is there only the 2.x version? I would expect the v4 module to be in that folder.

It only has the 2.10.2 folder in program files. That may have been the very first install I did of universal. Been doing in place upgrades with the MSI since then.

The program files install locations are weird


I may need to just delete the 1.5.7 and 2.10.2 versions from the file system. If I try to remove it via remove-module it says they were install outside of powershell and can’t be removed through uninstall-module

Any idea’s about the error message I am still getting though?

My hunch is that it’s loading one of the older DLLs for some reason. I’d start by removing (or renaming) the older modules’ folders to see if it still happens.

Looks like renaming the old module folders did it. Scripts on 7.x work correctly now.

I’ll just delete the old folders since they are no longer needed.