4.0.2 - Error with Modules

Trialing PSU and have just upgraded to PSU 4.0.2 as I had issues with PSU 4.0.1 and the issues were addressed but there appears to be a new error where I am presented with an error when trying to search for PowerShell Universal Modules. Clicking on the search locations presents an error.

Adding another screenshot of the Modules page.

Just chiming in to mention that I’m experiencing the same issue - am able to install via command line as a workaround.

I can reproduce this as well. We’ll get this resolved in 4.0.3.

Thanks Adam,

I have tested the nightly build of 4.0.3 and the error messages are gone but it looks like there is regression in the custom modules fix you applied in 4.0.2 (from 4.0.1) as I can no longer see the PSM listed. Maybe this fix (Fixed an issue where the module action buttons were obscured by the module name)

Hmmm. I’ll reactivate that issue and take a look.