Run AS not working?


I’m trying get some sensitive AD data (LAPS password) using Universal Dashboard. I created the dashboard and set ‘Run As’ option to use secret variable (domain username and password). Unfortunately, I can’t get LAPS password out of AD.

PS Universal service is being run as gMSA account (firstly set up according to Running as a Service Account - PowerShell Universal, then set as local admin on server) but it looks like data is still trying to be fetched using service account, not RunAs account.

If I set PS Universal service to run under AD account that has rights to fetch data everything is OK.

I have set PS transcript in the script for data fetching and I get this

PowerShell transcript start
Start time: 20210811140512
Username: \PSHUniv$
RunAs User: \PSHUniv$

I’m still considering PS universal and it is running in free mode.

Every help would be appreciated, thank you

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.2.0
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