Dashboard RunAs dosen't work when service account is not in the administrator group

I followed the guide for how to run the Powershell Universal with a service account. I use a GMSA-account (Group Managed Service Account), we can call it SvcPSU. SvcPSU is an user with the extra privileges specified in the article below and runs the service Powershell Universal

I created a secret variable with another service account, we can call that account ServicePSUDashboard. When i try to run a dashboard as ServicePSUDashboard i get the error “Dashboard 2; Request failed with status code 500”.
If i put SvcPSU in the administrator group. It workes fine to run the dashboard with the ServicePSUDashboard.

Is there system right missing somewhere? I can’t find anything in the logs.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.11.00

Issue mentions that this should be fixed in todays release 2.11.0, but I guess that aint so then?

Error with credentials and schedules.ps1 · Issue #1144 · ironmansoftware/issues (github.com)

another recent thread on the issue here: Error with credentials and schedules.ps1 - PowerShell Universal - Ironman Software Forums

Issues 1144 was a different problem. It was when you created a schedule and passed a credential variable as a parameter.

New-PSUScript -Script MyScript.ps1 -MyCredentialParameter 'ThisIsACredVar' -Cron "* * * * *"

For this particular issue, can you please download a PSU log? In Settings \ General \ Diagnostics you should be able to get it. Hopefully it has a better error message.

Hi @Pewh, I am wondering if there could be a mixup whereby the documentation is referring to standard service accounts which are user accounts (uses Get-ADUser). Here we are talking about Group managed service accounts are different (uses Get-ADServiceAccount). It’s not clear if gMSA are supported by PSU.

@adam, can you confirm if gMSA is supported by PSU?

I know other users are using gMSAs. Personally, I haven’t set one up in a while with PSU. I did get a log from @Pewh but it didn’t provide much information aside from the fact that the dashboard failed to start.

The same thing happens when i run the service as an ordinary user so it is not connected to the GMSA account what I can see.