Remote access setup


I just started using Powershell Universal, it is running on the localhost. It is a fresh install, so nothing has been done besides running the MSI Package and logging in to localhost:5000. It is running on my Main PC.
Unfortunately I’m not able to connect to the PC from let’s say my Laptop, connected to the same WiFi Network. Or at least I think I cannot. When I point my Laptop Browser to http://:5000 I don’t see the login page.

I obviously am missing some configuration, but I am complete unaware of where I should look and what to do.

Hope someone could help me out. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,



I just found the missing piece, Seems like my Windows Firewall didn’t allow the Universal Server to be accessible within the local network, so added the Universal.Server.exe file. Now I can access the webpage from my Laptop.