Hostname Not Working in URL

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.2.1

I am able to access both the admin page and a configured dashboard while on the server hosting PowerShell Universal using http://localhost:portNumber

When attempting to access the admin page or a working dashboard from another machine, I am not able to access the admin page or working dashboard when using the hostname of the hosting server in the URL. I can use the IP of the hosting server and everything works as expected. A Test-NetConnection over the specified port that PSU is running on returns true so network is good.

When trying to access the admin page from another machine using URL http://hostname:portNumber/admin , the screen goes black for a very brief second, "Loading appears for a very short moment, then the URL changes to http://hostname:portNumber/api/v1/auth/redirect?returnURl=/admin and the web page stays white.

Is there a specific setting to allow access by using the hostname instead of the IP?


I think you are encountering a bug in the admin console. If you have the ability, you can try the latest nightly build and it should be resolved:

Sure @adam , I’ll give that a go. To verify, I just take those downloaded files and copy/replace all the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal and then restart the service. Is that correct?

You should be able to use the MSI to upgrade from your 2.2.1 version to 2.3.0. No need to patch the files manually.

Ahh, I see that now. I was looking over the fact that the download page has multiple files for each build. I’ll run through the msi and retest.

Upgrading to 2.3.0 resolved the issue! I can now access the dashboard externally (any machine other than the hosting server) by using the hostname in the URL.

I have some errors I’m troubleshooting since the upgrade but I started a new topic here Dashboard Prerequisites since this issue has been resolved. Just looking for clarification on what I can check to verify the dashboard is running without issues after upgrades and reboots.

This issue came back up again. After upgrading to 2.3.0, I was initially able to access the dashboard from a remote computer by using the hostname. However, I’m no longer able to do so and have to use the IP address again although I can run a successful test-netconnection to the host while specifying the port number. I’m not sure if a file was reverted / modified somewhere while troubleshooting other issues or what changed to cause it to stop working.

@adam are you still tracking this issue where the dashboard is inaccessible using the hostname in the URL (but the IP address works)?

I’m still tracking this but I can’t reproduce it in my environment. I can successfully access a dashboard remotely on 2.3 without issue. I’ve setup HTTPS and OIDC against Azure AD as well and have no issue accessing by host name remotely.

Roger. I think for me the issue lies somewhere within the authentication piece. If I disable authentication on the dashboard settings, I can access the dashboard remotely perfectly fine using the hostname. However, then I lose the ability to grab the user data from whom is accessing the dashboard and only display data relevant to them.

I’ll look back around to this after figuring out a few other authentication/credential pieces I am still working.

Let me setup Windows Auth in my env. I missed the fact that you’re using that. It would be related to that.


we have this problem after installing a new server with PowerShell Universal 4.0.10