[Resolved (Sort Of) - Hosting as a Windows Service

Edit: I moved the host server to the Computers container and rebooted, and can now get to the dashboards remotely. Now just have to track down which GPO is stomping on it.

I have successfully installed PowerShell Universal, and have created a number of dashboards. I followed the docs to configure it to run as a Windows Service, as there are security hoops I have to jump through if I want to use IIS (and it just seemed easier). The problem I have is I cannot get to the pages from remote machines. Here is everything I have done thus far:

  • Using a pre-existing domain service account
  • Created the service and configured to run as that account
  • Confirmed that the service starts the server, and I can then start various dashboards locally
  • Configured the User Rights Assignment policy, to add the service account to the appropriate settings
  • Created an incoming rule to open port 5000 on both the local and network firewalls, from any desktop local or VPN
  • Ran netstat locally to confirm the server is listening on port 5000
  • I did not turn on https in appsettings.json, as I just want to get it working on a basic level first.

When attempting to browse to http://:5000/ it fails. The error is that the server took too long to respond, but I am not seeing anything on the back end where the connection is being refused. Just curious if anyone has encountered this, or if there is anything I am missing.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.3