Published folder asking for creds

I’m on 1.3.1 in my lab, running as a service from the MSI installer. I setup a published folder with no auth, but when attempting to access a file in the folder, i’m met with a login window prompt. When attempting to use my credentials that I use for the admin of the site, nothing seems to work and I end up with unauthorized access.

I’ve looked over the documentation on the page, and seemed to have followed all the steps. I’m a bit lost as to what could be going on here. Anyone else had luck with the new feature?

Strange. Just tried locally and it’s working for me. Can you check the log in %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal?

Is it possible that the account PSU is running under doesn’t have access to the directory being shared?

Based off the log, i think i’m getting a failure for “CORS Policy Execution failed”, but I’m not 100%. I’ll try and cleanup the script so I can post it up here.

I still had IIS setup, though disabled, i thought that maybe it was causing an issue but after removing it, no change. The service account running the service is a part of the administrators group of the server, but I did give it full rights to the folder just to be safe, no luck.