Powershell Universal - Published Folders

Hey everyone!

the last part of my UD that I need to migrate is a published folder, But from reading the documentation it says:

Published folders are not yet a feature of PSU. They will be implemented at a later time.

Is this still the case?
If it is, any recommendations on how else to list the contents of a folder for people to download through a dashboard?


This has been implemented in the v1.3 nightly builds if you’re willing to try that out. Otherwise, we hope to have 1.3 in 1 or 2 weeks.

Hey @adam!

Happy to try out v1.3 nightly, where can i pick it up?

Nightly builds are available here: https://imsreleases.z19.web.core.windows.net/

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How do you use/setup the published folders in the latest nightly? Is this just for 2.9 or is it for v3 too?


I’ve been publishing docs as we release nightly features so the published folder info is here: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/dashboard/published-folders

You can use it with both v2 or v3 as it’s just a function of the web server and not tied to either framework.

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I’m trying to utilize this in the lab as a simple place to download a csv template for batch upload work. I’ve setup an published folder that is not authenticated, but I get a login prompt when I attempt to access the file. My AD creds don’t work on it, and if I cancel it just redirects to 401 unauthorized page.