How to pull info about a published folder Get-PSUPublishedFolder?

I am currently building a few environments which have different URL’s depending on if they are Dev, Test, Prod, or a laptop container deployment.

For each environment, I have the same published folder entry, however I can not find any way to reference it dynamically

I want to be able to place the URL from that 3rd button into a variable to reference without writing code for each separate environment.

Does anyone have a way for me to reference this?

I am surprised there is no Get-PSUPublishedFolder cmdlet which enables me to pull this info

Matt, I’ve had the same issue and never got around to raising a feature request. The best solution I found was to place the request path of the published folder into a well-named variable in the “Variables” menu, and call that variable. Another possible, but messier option is to use the admin API and make REST calls:

$folders = Invoke-RestMethod https://localhost/api/v1/publishedfolder -Method GET -Headers @{“Authorization”=“Bearer ”}

If you’re building a dashboard/app and it uses the -GrantAppToken parameter in the config, you might be able to leverage the automatic variable $PSUAppToken

Thanks @andwells ,

I will log a feature request in the morning.

@andwells ,

It looks like we are getting this in PSU 4.1: Get-PSUPublishedFolder cmdlet · Issue #2622 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

Wooo! Thanks for logging that request, Matt!

Thanks @adam :slight_smile:

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Hi @andwells ,

fyi - I have just tested 4.1.0 and am able to use the new cmdlet successfully to get all the info needed.