CVE-2022-29590 - PowerShell Universal Published Folder Escape

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Kudos to the customer who reported this and @adam for lightning speed response :zap:


Hi @adam,
Does this also affect published folders on v2.9 of Universal Dashboard?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry I’ve just seen how to test it, yes it does affect UD2.9. Am I right in assuming that it is out of support now and UD2.9 won’t be patched?

As mentioned in the article

The following version numbers contain the fix for this issue.

  • 1.5.22
  • 2.9.4
  • 2.10.2
  • 3.0.0-beta4

Sorry, I meant Universal Dashboard v2.9 running standalone (pre-PSU), rather than PowerShell Universal. It looks like the download for 2.9.4 is a download for PSU.

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This does not affect UD 2.9