PSU in Azure WebApp - Logging help

PSU Version: Docker - ironmansoftware/universal:4.0.0-beta4-ubuntu-20.04
Environment: Azure Linux Web App Free Tier (testing)

Hi All,
I’ve followed the Azure hosting information here:

I’m just testing for now with file storage, but will eventually use the SQL method.
I’ve got my app environment variables for ‘Data__ConnectionString’ and ‘Data__RepositoryPath’ - which works fine, I can login and settings retain on reboots.

I’m just seeing the following error when it runs:
There’s also nothing in the logging tab.

I’ve tried to add a variable for ‘Logging__Path’ and pointed it to my mount: ‘/Data/logging.txt’ but that doesnt seem to do anything.

I’m wondering if this section is just missing from the existing azure hosting doc page?
As I’m also looking at these settings I’m also thinking about best practice for configuring a public folder for my images too.


Managed to get images working by just pointing to a folder in the mounted path /Data/Images, although logging still isnt generating a log in that path with the environment variable set.

Adam mentioned (on an unrelated issue) that I can set the SystemLogPath in my web app for file logging. I’ve done this and can see an output file in my storage account.
Although I’m still getting notified in the UI with the following error:

Invalid configuration: logging.ps1 
Could not find a part of the path '/usr/share/PowerShellUniversal/log.db'.

And the logging page in the admin console does not display anything.

Updating here since this was also raised on GitHub. It’s a big that will be fixed in the nightly version.