PSU 3.3 - Git sync stuck on "Running"

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.3.0

Upgraded from 3.2.9 to 3.3 via MSI and now Git is stuck at “Running”.
Git configured via appsettings.json.
Checked repo and no updates since yesterday.
Restarting service does no change.

Reset in the GUI does not work.
Trying to add setup info via the GUI results in the information entered resetting after a few seconds.

Yep looks like we have the same issue. Git sync status says “Running” from about five hours ago. Have restarted the app service a few times to no avail.

Looks to be resolved after upgrading to 3.3.1

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Yep I was watching my GitHub repo while 3.3.1 started up, and it went from “updated 23 hours ago” to “updated 16 hours ago” and pulled in my changes from yesterday. What a relief! Thanks Adam.

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@adam Something is still up with Git sync in 3.3.1.

I’ve made changes today, and my Git page says the last sync happened “a few seconds ago”, but the changes are not reflected in my GitHub repo.

When I click the “Synchronize Now” button, it spins for a few seconds and then a new entry appears, and my changes appear in GitHub.

It’s like the scheduled behind-the-scenes task is not pushing. I think it might be committing, because GitHub is showing multiple commits, but no push is happening.

My log is full of entries like this:

2022-09-15 08:14:07.992 +10:00 [INF] Skipping git sync because the interval has not been met. Last Sync: 9/14/2022 10:14:07 PM, Interval: 1

Note that the timestamp at the front is in my timezone (GMT+10) but the last sync timestamp is UTC. I wonder whether it’s doing some sort of invalid comparison to determine whether the Git sync interval has been met.

Hmmm. Let me mess around with my time zones to see if I can reproduce this.

Can you try working around this by setting your git sync interval to a negative number? Git sync will never actually run more than once a minute.

We’re mostly just taking the current time and adding hours and comparing that to the last sync.

$Env:Data__GitSyncInterval = -10