Git Sync Expired Entries Stuck

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.5


Recently, my team attempted to deploy a third PSU node, but ran into some issues. We got it synced up to Github, and connected to SQL, but it would fail to start PSU upon a service restart once we connected to SQL.

We swapped it back to LiteDB to troubleshoot, but now our Git sync history has two entries for this server, that are stuck and not falling off. See image below.

The purple boxes are all the same server, which you can see has been stuck since November 7th.

Is there anyway to force these to drop off? Or can we simply drop the row from the SQL database? Any help is appreciated.


If you navigate to /hangfire on the PSU site, you should see git sync jobs running. If they are running, you should be able to cancel them and then the groom job should clean up those running statuses without you have to do anything manually in the SQL database. That said, clearing out the git sync statuses you list above won’t have any ill affects if the node can’t sync anyways. They are mostly just for reporting purposes.

The timeout looks to be SQL related based on the error message.