Cannot get Github sync to work

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.7

I’ve been trying for the better part of the last year to get our Powershell Universal instance to synchronize with Github with no luck. I’ve reconfigured the Git settings multiple times using both the GUI and appsettings.json, following every variation of instructions in the documentation as closely as possible. Every time I would find that it would complete an initial commit to the empty Github repo only to fail to sync any changes afterwards. No errors in the logs that I could find.

Today I finally built a new Windows Server 2022 VM and performed a completely fresh install of the latest PSU version (previous was 3.9.6). After the install, I set up git sync to an empty repo before anything else, and it worked! But, as my work day is winding down I have returned to begin migrating our configuration - installing our certificate for HTTPS and setting up SAML first, and then now, as I’ve starting migrating our scripts over, I’ve noticed that despite what the GUI says, it is no longer pushing to Github. Augh!

This is a from-scratch install, I did not migrate or connect to the old server’s database, every setting has been manually configured on the new VM. The only things the two instances have in common are the SSL certificate (a Digicert wildcard) and that both use SAML for SSO with Entra ID. When sync was working this morning, I was logged in as Universal’s default Admin user. I am now logged in using SSO, with the Administrator role. Is it possible git doesn’t work with SSO? I feel like that’s a stretch, but have run out of guesses.

Configuration of the authentication shouldn’t change how the git sync is running.

I’d suggest opening a case by emailing support[at] and we can setup some time to review.

I’d also crack open the system logs to see if you are receiving any errors referring to the git sync.

Will do.

I can now confirm that it definitely is related to the account differences somehow. I just logged in as the built-in admin and made a small change to one script file, saved, and now all of the changes that had been made since this morning have been pushed to Github - with their timestamps intact.

Cool. Glad you have a good way to reproduce the issue. That should help trace it down.