Git bug?: Initial configuration does not succeed

Hi all

I followed all these 3 documentations:

I think you can’t do much wrong here.

  • Anyway what I’ve done is I created a bare repo on github. No branch, no readme, no license… nothing
  • Created a new PAT
  • Configured everything in the UI like this:


So I think the initial git command is not performing the init with branch creation and push because you can clearly see that it states that it cannot find the “main” branch, which indeed is normal at this stage.

So I went over and just for the sake of testing / troubleshooting created a (and also any other test file to have a fist commit and the main branch created.

After that if I try to sync again:

And I think that this is also “normal” because based on the docs the repo should be “bare” and not contain anything… So now it thinks that there are changes local and remote so it stops.

Is that a bug or am I missing something here?

Ps. Did not update to 3.8.11 because of the FontAwesome Pro Icons removal which is a breaking change… so don’t know if there it is fixed but based on the release notes it doesn’t state anything about git so I’m assuming that the issue will be there as well.

Thanks a lot to anybody who already is working with git integration.

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Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.10

Hey @adam
Sorry I normally don’t like to @ mention you because I know you’re very busy with other stuff…
but I think that this thread won’t have many forum users that will be able to help.
Probably the majority has Git already configured and running smoothly, so they will never be able to reproduce this.

So I just wanted to let you know that I may have found the problem.
It is definitely related to the initial git init. This does not work (anymore).
You have to clone an existing empty git repo (with main branch already created) first.
Then you’ll be able to copy your repo content into the PSU Repository back and git commit your change on git with an initial commit…

Just that you know that maybe there’s a little bug hidden in the current 3.8.x version that is causing this issue.

So for me now the issue is resolved but you may want to doublecheck, otherwise other people will stumble over this issue… :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Issue has been identified and resolved. See previous post and issue on github…
Thanks a lot!