PowerShell Universal - 4.2.5

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.5

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where endpoint docs would not show the required tag on required parameters
  • Fixed an issue where endpoint docs would not show array parameters properly
  • Fixed an issue where Connect-PSUEventHub would not work in Windows PowerShell
  • Fixed an issue with using basic authentication with endpoints


  • Fixed an issue where Write-Progress wouldn’t work properly with multiple connected clients (#2881)
  • Fixed an issue where apps would not remain running on multi-node systems (#2854)
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDUpload data would not be available in New-UDStepper (#2865)
  • Fixed an issue where dashboards would not start if they had ps1 files in the pages folder that did not return New-UDPage
  • Fixed an issue were the date filter type did not work in New-UDTable (#2898)
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDDatePicker and New-UDTimePicker could not be cleared (#2892)
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDDatePicker and New-UDTimePicker -TimeZone would have no effect. -TimeZone requires an IANA time zone ID. See Date and Time Pickers - UTC and timezones - MUI X for a list of valid time zones. (#2891)
  • Fixed an issue with UDMap not rendering properly (#2535)
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDSelect would fail when only a single item was present (#2916)


  • Fixed an issue where certain views would not show scheduled jobs


  • Fixed an issue where old git statuses would not be removed when resetting the git settings (#2884)
  • Fixed an issue where /api/v1/cache/keys returned keys with a PSUCache prefix.
  • Fixed an issue where logging targets would not honor the minimum level
  • Disabled progressive web app for management console
  • Fixed an issue where the -Minimal parameter couldn’t be specified for environments in the Admin Console (#2908)
  • Fixed an issue with the git commit file selector (#2877)
  • Fixed an issue with published folders that started with a slash in the path (#2655)


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I am still having issues with some scheduled jobs not showing up in either the Jobs view or under the Scripts > (SCRIPT) > Jobs view. I know they are running correctly. There are 2 scripts I know are not showing correctly. One is old, been around since I started with Universal in the 3.x timeframe, and one is new as of a week or two ago. For those two only jobs that have been manually run will show up.

They are both running correctly on schedule, just not showing in the logs.

EDIT: Just found another script that is running, but nothing is showing in any of the job log locations