PowerShell Universal - 3.6.1

PowerShell Universal - 3.6.1

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where -HeaderContent, -LoadNavigation, would not work properly on New-UDPage


  • Fixed an issue where certain appsettings.json files could cause the service to fail to start


Is any of the code stored in the database?

While creating dashboards with 3.6.0 I could not get my test pages to be visible. I have since updated to 3.6.1 after deleting all of my dashboards prior to upgrading.

Now, whenever I create a new dashboard the 2 pages I could not see when i created them in 3.6.0 appear on creation

Is there anywhere these testpage and testpage2 files could be stored?

The page files are stored in the dashboard’s folder within a pages folder.

If you want to see those files specifically, try navigating to Settings \ Configuration and then click dashboards<dashboardName>\pages

When testing this before my post the ‘testpages’ were not in the folder.

Going back and checking now testpage2 has appeared however I did not create it.

Testpage is not in the folder.

I’m wondering if this is a qwerk introduced by 3.6.0 which is not seen in 3.6.1 or something others are experiencing.

@adam, don’t forget to release 3.6.2 here :wink:

PS Gallery API key was expired and failed the release. Running another release now!

Got to love that :P, Thank you adam for allllllllllllllllll of your hard work. You have “NO” idea how much you have made my life better and the people i serve. ---- Or maybe you do :wink:


Is this going to create a new zip and msi? Or just the documentation?

Just republishing the same ZIP\MSI.

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