Bug? Unable to get Pages to show added page

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.6.0-2
Hosted: IIS and MSI
OS: Windows Server 2019 in vmware
Ref: https://forums.ironmansoftware.com/t/powershell-universal-3-6-0/8271/4?u=omzig

I have no idea why i cannot get my +New Page button to show me the pages i added:



When i hit the api and it returns an empty array, there isn’t any error generated in the logs for said api.


Unable to add optional tags:

I have been able to replicate this.

I downloaded PSU 3.6.2 as an MSI and installed it on to my device.

I have created several pages on a new dashboard and they are not showing in the pages drop down however I can see the pages created in the Dashboards// pages folder.

Interesting enough, I am unable to replicate this on my Azure hosted container Instance

I am using a Windows Server 2019 in vmware for both of my MSI and IIS implementations.

Interesting. I think we need some more logging in this particular configuration script. Looking at it, I’m not really sure what to suggest because there are some conditions that could be not met and then it wouldn’t reload the file but there isn’t any logging to prove it. I’ll make sure that gets added in tomorrow’s nightly build so we can start to narrow this down.

Hi @adam ,

I have opened up a bug report, generated some debug logs, and attached a few screenshots to the bug report.

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything else.


I’ve published a nightly build that should resolve this. If either of you have time to try, feel free. I put the link in the GH issue.