Deploy new dashboard via GitHub: Additional pages not listed

Recently lit up PSU for the first time. We have it integrated with a Github repo. I wanted to test out deploying a new dashboard from scratch via git sync.

For the most part this worked. All files pulled down fine, including dashboards.ps1. The new dashboard shows up in the web editor no problem. However the additional pages created as part of the dashboard are not listed in the web editor.

They did get pulled down, are in the correct dir structure, and are even usable when the dashboard is powered on. They just refuse to list in the web editor.

Not sure if bug or I deployed incorrectly. Any input is appreciated.

The initial deployment, the pages mentioned above didn’t contain New-UDPage to start. They went straight to New-UDGrid. The dashboard refused to start. Once we wrapped the pages code with New-UDPage, the dashboard started no problem.

Is New-UDPage required?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.13