PowerShell Universal - 3.7.12

PowerShell Universal - 3.7.12

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where -LoadNavigation on New-UDDashboard would cause the navigation to collapse when the page was changed (#2101)
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDPage -Description wasn’t saved properly (#2111)


  • Fixed an issue where selected item and expand configuration paths were not remembered (#2103)
  • Fixed an issue where the X-Forwarded-Host header was not properly processed by middleware
  • Fixed an issue where starting processes as alternate users in IIS would fail to properly load the user profile
  • Fixed a memory leak due to misconfigured internal services



Since upgrading, it seems my navigation menu is broken. No folders show up and no icons are on it. I load my navigation using -LoadNavigation on New-UDDashboard.

Are you using -LoadNavigation on New-UDPage or New-UDDashboard? If you define it on the dashboard, do you override any of the pages?

I only set it once on New-UDDashboard. All of the pages then use the same navigation.

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Is your dashboard base URL set to “/”?

I can reproduce this if I do that.

EDIT: Not sure if that is actually related. I can reproduce this only sometimes. Seems like a timing issue or something.

Yes, it is running under the base URL “/”.

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I am having the same issue, url is also /. I notice it shows up and then the element is deleted or something.

3.7.13 fixes this issue.

Yeah, it looks like it’s back to normal now.