"Positional parameter cannot be found" Error After 2.1.2 Upgrade

Upgraded from 1.5.19 to 2.1.2 tonight. When submitting various forms on pages I’m seeing this pop up at the bottom of the page whenever I click ‘Submit’.

Anyone else seeing this? I am running the IIS version, and this dashboard is configured like so:

New-PSUDashboard -Name "DashboardName" -FilePath "DashboardName.ps1" -BaseUrl "/Dashboard" -Framework "UniversalDashboard:Latest" -Environment "7.1.3" -Authenticated -Role @('Role1', 'Role2') -GrantAppToken -DisableAutoStart -SessionTimeout 0

And this is code for one of the forms where I am seeing the problem

$PageGetUserInfo = New-UDPage -Name 'Get User Information' -Content {
    New-UDTypography -Text 'Enter username to retrieve information from Active Directory'
    New-UDForm -Content {
        New-UDTextbox -Id 'Username' -Placeholder 'AD Username'
        New-UDRadioGroup -Id 'RadioValue' -Content {
            New-UDRadio -Label 'Account Expiration Date' -Value 'AccountExpirationDate'
            New-UDRadio -Label 'Account Lockout Status' -Value 'LockedOut'
            New-UDRadio -Label 'Password Last Set' -Value 'PasswordLastSet'
        } -Value 'PasswordLastSet'
    } -OnSubmit {
        $UserList = ($EventData.UserName).Trim()
        $Script = Get-UAScript -Name 'Get User Info.ps1'
        $InvokeParams = @{
            Script = $Script
            Identity = $UserList
            UserProperty = $EventData.RadioValue
        Invoke-UAScript @InvokeParams | Tee-Object -Variable job | Wait-UAJob
        $Data = Get-UAJobPipelineOutput -Job $Job

        Set-UDElement -Id 'ElementJobOutput' -Content {
            New-UDCard -Id 'CardJobOutput' -Title "Results" -Content {
                $Columns = @(
                    New-UDTableColumn -Property SamAccountName -Title 'SamAccountName' -Width 10 -IncludeInExport
                    New-UDTableColumn -Property $EventData.RadioValue -Title $EventData.RadioValue -Width 25 -IncludeInExport
                If($EventData.RadioValue -eq 'LockedOut'){
                    $Columns += New-UDTableColumn -Property Unlock -Title Unlock -Width 10 -Render {
                        $Item = $EventData
                        If($Item.LockedOut -eq $true){
                            New-UDButton -Id "btn$($Item.SamAccountName)" -Text "Unlock" -OnClick {
                                Show-UDToast -Message "Unlocking AD User [$($Item.SamAccountName)]" -Duration 2500
                                $Credential = Get-UAVariable -Name '<UserName>'
                                $Script = Get-UAScript -Name 'Unlock AD User.ps1'
                                $InvokeParams = @{ # Parameters for Invoke-UAScript command
                                    Script = $Script
                                    SamAccountName = $Item.SamAccountName
                                    Credential = $Credential
                                Invoke-UAScript @InvokeParams | Tee-Object -Variable job | Wait-UAJob # Waits for completion and stores job info in '$Job' var

                                $Job = Get-UAJob -Id $Job.Id
                                $Data = Get-UAJobPipelineOutput -Job $Job
                                If ($Job.Status -eq 'Completed' -and $Data -match 'Success'){
                                    $SuccessToastParams = @{
                                        Message = "Completed unlock for user $($Item.SamAccountName)"
                                        Duration = "5000"
                                        Position = 'center'
                                    Show-UDToast @SuccessToastParams
                                } else {
                                    $Output = Get-UAJobOutput -JobId $Job.Id | Select-Object -Expand Message
                                    $FailedToastParams = @{
                                        Message = "Failed to restore user. $($Output -join "`n")"
                                        BackgroundColor = 'red'
                                        MessageColor = 'white'
                                        Duration = "5000"
                                        Position = 'center'
                                    Show-UDToast @FailedToastParams
                        } Else {
                            New-UDTypography -Text 'Not Locked'
                            New-UDIcon -Id "icon$($Item.SamAccountName)" -Icon CheckCircle
                New-UDTable -Id 'TableUserInfo' -Data $Data -Columns $Columns -Export

    New-UDElement -Id 'ElementJobOutput' -Tag 'div' # New empty element to be updated/displayed after user clicks 'Submit'

} -NavigationLayout permanent -Navigation $CustomNav -Url '/customURL'
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.2