Pipeline/Workflows in UA

Hi guys, just found this product and have to say I’m pretty excited about it. The big “miss”, imho, is that it seems to lack a workflow capability, something you could create a pipeline with. I think it was even mentioned in one of the FAQ’s. Basically “step name” and “launch next” fields (of course, it always ends up more complicated but you get the picture). I think the hardest part would be building the web UI around it.

So that’s me, blathering on. Are there any plans for this kind of functionality?

Hey @Martin9700,

We have discussed this and it’s something that we envision making it into the product as we continue to evolve it. We opt’d to keep it simple for the first version because, as you say, it can get complicated quickly. We want to ensure we have a super high quality scheduling and execution engine and then we can focus on features such as this one.

We will be driving our roadmap via GitHub so please feel free to open an issue on there around pipelines. I’d love to hear what you think is important in a pipeline solution and have some discussion on how to keep it simple so that UA is still super approachable and an easier to use than some of the CI\orchestration platforms out there.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s extremely important to us.

Honestly, I wish we had known about this before we cut over to full Jenkins for our job scheduling. We loved how it captured the logs right in the UI (no more transcript logs!) and jumped right in. Then we discovered the lack of impersonation. We solved using a moduled called SecurityFever but it’s a hack at best.

And we broke Pester, yay!

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